An individual health organization or hospital can sponsor/fund a Mindful Film series.  This series can include 4-6 short films, each featuring a patient who is currently seeing practitioners or using services at that facility.  These films, which can be hyper-focused on a specific health issue or illness, would live on Mindful Films' online streaming video channel, may screen at film festivals, could be shared with like-minded support groups, and could also be embedded in the hospital's own website and media communications.  These films are not "branded content" per se, but rather documentary-style storytelling featuring a particular hospital's patients and sponsored by a specific hospital or organization.  These films can be shown at hospital fundraisers, to donors, to oncologists and nurses, to other patients/survivors, to new patients as a post-diagnosis protocol, to support groups, and/or to caregivers and loved ones.  With the help of the health organization, who can help direct us to willing participants, we can determine the strongest subjects who would both benefit from sharing their story and would be effective and poignant on camera.   We would then create a shoot schedule that would include a patient interview (preferably in their home), hospital/facility footage of the the patient/s during their regularly scheduled appointments/treatments/services, and home footage of subjects going about their daily lives. The final series would be a powerful series featuring several 3-4 minute poignant short films that the hospital can screen and share as they wish.


We hope to establish relationships with both local and national cancer organizations to pursue our mission of making Mindful Films for survivors as a way to help them and others.


We believe strongly that an amazingly healing gift to give to someone at the end of their life is the gift of skilled listening.  As experienced interviewers and producers, we ask questions, we are patient, we are sensitive, and we are interested.  Through raising funds and donations from hospice and aging-related organizations, both local and national, we can afford to offer this type of "film therapy" at no cost to their patients, and the completed film can be given to the patient's family as well as made available for screening by other patients across hospice facilities nationwide and on our dedicated streaming channel.


As the only Buddhist-inspired production company, we seek to work with likeminded folks on creating lasting films for Buddhist enthusiasts and practitioners that help and heal.  We are interested in partnering with local Buddhism organizations, temples, end-of-life facilities such as Vajradhara Meditation Center in Brooklyn, the Zen Center for Contemplative Care in Manhattan, and local sanghas around the tri-state area.


After experiencing a loss, we often feel extremely alone, and search for any way to understand more about what we've gone through.  We desperately search the internet to read stories of those who have similarly suffered, but what if there was a place to watch short films featuring others who have also suffered from your loss?  We hope to create a searchable video archive of stories and a dedicated streaming channel of stories of hope and healing.


One dream for Mindful Films is to create a new, alternative therapy called Film Therapy.  We would love to establish Film Therapy under the alternative therapy umbrella in cancer centers, for example, alongside art, narrative, and movement therapy.