Mindful Films is a NYC-based non-profit initiative (fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas) dedicated to creating awakened cinematic content on hope, health and healing.  We believe in capturing the moment in a life when there's a pivot, a shift, an awakening.  It could happen after a cancer diagnosis, a loss, or another unexpected life crisis.  The process of documenting a person during vulnerability is often a life-affirming, empowering, and cathartic experience for both subject and viewer.  We believe this is much-needed narrative medicine, and that documenting wisdom that crisis often reveals something that can awaken all of us.  This is the awakened content we aim to create and share with others.

We seek to infuse the filmmaking process with the concepts of mindfulness and intention, bearing witness to others, and cultivating calm, spacious minds.  When we are practicing mindfulness as filmmakers, we are able to be more spacious, more present, more awake.  This state of mind can enable our subjects to feel seen, heard, supported, and acknowledged.

The darkness of an unexpected life crisis can often lead to the light of unearthing truth, clarity, and wisdom. We are passionate about capturing that precious moment for individuals for the collective good. From our decade-plus professional experience in documentary TV and film, we strongly believe that the combination of a sensitive and empathic filmmaker with an open-hearted subject creates the most beautiful and potent narrative medicine, supporting both subjects and viewers, patients and caregivers, and practitioners alike, on their path to healing and wellness.

Right now, we are trying to raise funds to continue production on a film we've started.  The film follows a young mother of three as she navigates through a cancer diagnosis (melanoma) and the subsequent gratitude project she begins several years later, writing a thank you letter each day to someone from her past, present, or future. In this authenticity and gratitude practice, she starts to come to terms with a part of her identity that's been hidden her whole life.

We have filmed with our subject for just a few short days with a volunteer crew, and now are looking to fund more production days, as well as post-production (editing, audio mixing, color correction) and film festival fees.  We would love to be able to finish this film and bring our amazing subject's story of awakening into the light.  All donations are tax-deductible, as we are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.  Please consider supporting this film!