We are seeking volunteers from the production industry who believe in doing good with their skills, and can help us get our venture off the ground--- NYC-based producer/directors, producer/shooters, DPs, audio technicians, lighting experts, editing whizzes, production assistants.  We are also in need of website developers, branding experts and social media queens, as well as alternative therapy practitioners, cancer support professionals, hospice workers, and others who would be interested in connecting us with potential film subjects. Please contact elyse@mindfulfilms.org for volunteer opportunities.


We seek to establish partnerships with local NYC organizations that work with people who can benefit from our films.  


We are currently sponsored by Fractured Atlas, which enables Mindful Films to receive tax-deductable donations. https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=15676


We need volunteer producer/shooters, editors and interns to help us make our first batch of mindful films!! If you would like to be altruistic and use your amazing skills to help others, please contact elyse@mindfulfilms.org.